Girls day out! Recommended things to do at Sunshine City Ikebukuro

A 239-metre skyscraper in the middle of Tokyo stands out from a distance. That is, the one and only, Sunshine City! Here, you can eat, play, experience and go shopping- you can do almost anything. Especially if you are traveling with your ladies’ crew, here is the place you should definitely visit during your trip to Tokyo!

A 60-story entertainment centre

There is a planetarium, aquarium, museum and many shops in this single building. Thirty million people visit Sunshine City every year since they first opened in 1978.

Sunshine City is located right in the heart of Tokyo, and of course, transportation is very convenient. From Tokyo station, it takes 20 minutes by train via the Yamanote Line to Ikebukuro station. It is around a 12-minute walk from Ikebukuro station to Sunshine City.

There are around 180 shops

On the first floor to the third floor of Sunshine city, there is a shopping complex and this is a perfect place for ladies. As well as clothing stores, there are also shops selling miscellaneous goods and interior. If you want to take a break, there is a variety of restaurants ranging from western food to Japanese food as well as fancy cafes!

Dining at "Namjatown"

There is an indoor amusement park at Sunshine City called “Namjatown”. Inside Namjatown, there is “Namja Gyoza Stadium”. Famous gyoza shops from all over Japan are gathered here so you can try different types of gyoza dumplings without having to travel elsewhere!

In China and Taiwan, the popular dishes are boiled gyoza dumplings and Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings), in Japan it is definitely the deep-fried gyoza! Fry the gyoza until it turns golden-brown and it is recommended to eat them with soy sauce. Deep-fried gyoza in Japan is usually filled with lots of garlic, which is different to Chinese and Taiwanese dumplings.

After dinner, it’s time for dessert! Also at Namjatown, feel free to check out “Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho”. You can find different kinds of desserts here. Kawaii parfaits, pancakes and soft-served ice-cream are waiting for you!

"Time-Travel!" The World of Ancient Orient

“Ancient Orient Museum” at Sunshine City is Japan’s very first museum specializing in Ancient Orient. Discoveries and art from west and central Asia are exhibited here.

This museum is located on the 7th floor of the cultural hall (Bunka Kaikan). There is a connected passage from Sunshine 60 building to the cultural hall which will take you to the museum.

For those who are not that interested in archaeology, keep in mind that it is just the study of the life of our ancestors. You can simply put this as the study of “a tableware that is used by the emperor” or “popular fashion in a particular era”. Who knows, the current fashion trend might have been popular 100 years ago!

A sky full of stars

“Planetarium Manten” at Sunshine City is where you can enjoy a special moment looking at the starry sky while relaxing on a spacious seat. In addition to the general seats, there are special seats such as the “Lawn” seat where you can lie down and “Cloud” seat where you can feel like you are drifting across the night sky

In Japan, a planetarium is known as a perfect date spot for couples but if you are together with your ladies’ group, you can also enjoy the attraction. In special occasions, there are special collaborations with anime and artists so check their schedule in advance before heading there!

Did you know that the first planetarium in Asia is actually located in Japan? The planetarium was established in Osaka during the first half of the 20th century and it surprised a number of citizens there. Many years later, the planetarium has gone through various developments and people who visited the planetarium were very impressive with its facilities ever since.

Dive down under the sea: Sunshine Aquarium

“Sunshine Aquarium” is full of cute sea creatures! There are sea lion shows and penguin parades as well as the underwater exhibits. 37,000 sea creatures of 750 species await your visit!

In addition, this aquarium has a history of over 40 years. This is the first aquarium installed on the rooftop of a building in Japan. The concept of this aquarium is “an oasis in the sky” and here, both adults and children can have a wonderful time together!

Explore the world of Shonen JUMP at J-WORLD

The other indoor theme park at Sunshine City is “J-WORLD“. This theme park is based on series from “Weekly Shonen Jump”, the most famous manga publication in Japan. There are ride attractions, walk attractions where you need to clear a mission and carnival games where you can win prizes that are related to “ONE PIECE” and “NARUTO”. Shonen Jump mangas are very popular among foreigners so visit J-WORLD and get in touch with more of the Japanese pop culture!

Recently, Japanese anime and manga has gained lots of popularity overseas. If you are not familiar with Japanese manga, here is your chance for you and your friends to get to know more about the world of the most famous manga publication at Sunshine City.

Amazing scenery from the observation deck

“Sunshine60 Observatory” was newly renovated in 2016 and here you can enjoy the virtual experience where you can feel like you are floating in the sky! The latest VR technology here allows you to soar across Tokyo’s skyline on a wing coaster and shoot yourself out of a cannon and ascend at a tremendous speed. Afterwards, how about having a photo with the amazing landscape?

The night scenery from the observation deck is splendid. Here, you can explore a 360-degree view of Tokyo’s night lights. Don’t forget to check out the “night views from around the world noticeboard”, only at this observatory deck. Here, the direction showing beautiful night views of each country of the world is introduced, but sadly, you wouldn’t be able to see this view from where you are standing. However, you can still be creative and imagine you are standing and looking up to those beautiful scenery.

Visit Sunshine City with your best buddies!

This building has all the facilities you are looking for. Located at the heart of Tokyo, Sunshine City, without doubt, is where you can laugh, talk, sympathize and have fun with your friends!